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Permanence from Pradeep Mahadeshwar on Vimeo.

Written and Directed Pradeep Mahadeshwar
Cinematography Kevin Gaffney
Music Rohiet Garud




What is out of sight, does it ever really remain out of mind?
In the dead of my night, does it drift and flow away?
Maybe it forms pools in the deep unknown recesses of my mind, perhaps never ever to see the light of day ever again.
My every thought, everything I feel, my deepest, purest desires, everything that rises from those deep deep pools of my mind..
All that I am deeply attached to, All of it is meant to be hidden.

And in return, I clutter my world with every single thing of beauty- beauty as the world sees it, beauty as the world accepts it.
By day, all that is acceptable and charming about me is on display for the world to see, to adulate, to fall in love with.
But am I simply sunshine and morning dew?
What of all that is dark and sinister and yet is very much ME?
All that is hidden so deep within me that even I think it does not exist- as if there is a part of me lost forever.

How often have I tread cautiously down those dark lanes, climbed down those forgotten caverns in search of all that is hidden from the world's eye.

I sit with my dreary thoughts and my forbidden self, I see it step out of the shadows ever so shy.
While I sit by them the nights grow longer and the day is never brighter than fleeting dusk.
In the deepest silence of the darkest nights, when not even the pale moonlight can see them, they step out of the caverns of my mind and step forth before me.

And once more, all that is so dear to me and all that is so shunned, I lock away, somewhere deep deep within the vaults of a mind.